Why The Butterfly Candle

A Butterfly candle is hand wicked, hand mixed and hand poured!  Every step of the process has the human touch.  

All of our fragrances are hand mixed in-house with scent combinations you will only find with a Butterfly Candle

By using a better wax blend than most we ensure you are getting excellent quality for the money.

Beeswax cleans the air as it burns so not only are you burning a clean candle but you are not adding toxins to the environment.

Our candles are centered around LIfestyles...They can be burned in almost every area of your home.  Our signature line of candles were specifically designed to influence the atmospher of every room of your home!

We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our candles.  If you are not satified with one of our candles just shoot us an email at contact@butterflycandleco.com and we will rectify the issue!

We look forward to serving you!